9 Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Bluetooth Device

Bluetooth headsets are great inventions. Generally, they allow you to talk, drive and enjoy music comfortably while keeping the connected device at some distance. “Hand free” is another very poplar terminology attached with the Bluetooth devices because of their ability to make you communicate without holding your hands, which in fact is now a legal requirement in many US states and lot of other countries.

After the release of first hands free Bluetooth device, a lot of companies started working on this super gadget and now there are dozens of different brand hands free devices are available in the market. The question is how to choose a best hands free Bluetooth device from a bunch? There are some points suggested by experts no how to select a good hands free Bluetooth device.

1 – Sound Quality with latest technology – Clear, crispy and noise free sound is the main purpose of hands free Bluetooth, one should look for Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology which has the ability of balance background noise through augmenting listening volume level. One of the best that has all these good sound quality features is Jawbone Bluetooth headsets and blueant stereo Bluetooth headset

2 – Ease of use – Comfort-ability comes right after the sound dual mode bluetooth module quality, many people don’t consider this face that every person has its own comfort level with individual Bluetooth headsets, for some a good sound quality Bluetooth will make sense, but some won’t prefer it just because it can’t sit comfortably on ear. The final decision of purchasing the Bluetooth headset should include the comfort-ability because it has to sit on the ears for hours. “In the ear” headset is the least convenient option, but if it’s clear enough then it really doesn’t matter.

3 – Pairing – Bluetooth accessories pairing should be fast and work with seven Bluetooth devices at a time (which may include MPs player, PDAs, cell phones, printers etc)

4 – Bluetooth Range – While purchasing the Bluetooth headset, you need to make sure the range it provides for wire free communication, the standard range is about 30 feet which is approximately 10 meters. Try communication with the Bluetooth in both obstructed and unobstructed distances.

5 – Usability – Some Bluetooth are equipped with voice recognition system. This helps a lot when you really can’t use your hand for calling or receiving, especially when you are driving. This is also called voice-activation feature.

6 – Price – The Bluetooth price swings between $20- $200. The high price Bluetooth is normally high-end devices but a good sound quality Bluetooth can be purchased within $60-$120.

7 – Battery life span – A common complaint in Bluetooth accessories is the battery life; a good hand free Bluetooth should provide at least 8 hours of talk time and 100 hours of standby time, also please consider the charging time to make it fully recharged.

8 – Compatibility – the Bluetooth should be equipped with at least Bluetooth 1.1 technology, next to this is 1.2 which is which is vastly becoming universal, this version reduces radio frequency interruption through a frequency hopping selection for enhanced security. The latest is 2.0 version, which has quicker transmission rate and lower battery consumption.

9 – Warranty – The Bluetooth device should have at least ten months warranty.

The Bluetooth technology is constantly evolving, you need to make sure while purchasing that the one you buy is compatible with wide range of Bluetooth enabled devices.

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