Choosing Cheap Canon Printer Ink

I have always owned an Epson, but my boyfriend purchased a wonderful Canon Pixma printer and the features on the thing were amazing. He is really into photography and the ability to put your memory card directly in and print photos is what convinced him to buy it. Like him you probably love your Canon Printer! All was good in our apartment until he ran out of ink. I got my printer ink online for practically nothing and hp 碳粉匣 in bulk, but his Canon printer ink was not available to do the same. The result was his printer was out of ink most of the time and he was logging into my computer to use my printer! So annoying! I did use his sometimes because his Canon printer churned out high quality pages faster then my Espon, but still, it was time for him to get his own ink

We went through all the eBay places where I had been buying my cheap printer ink and found that they did not carry his Canon ink. Finally we stumbled upon Abacus ink and they had a huge selection of inks. Not all of them were refilled but they did have genuine for less. It seems that Epson has a much easier time then other brands to find cheap ink, but it is not impossible to find cheap ink for other brands. You have to search a little harder but they are available. I always do it backwards when I buy a new printer I double check my ink source to make sure that there is a cheap printer ink option when I consider a new printer.

Over the life of a printer so much more is spent on ink then on the printer in the first place. I enjoy cutting my costs. It again depends what you do with your ink of course, if you have to have the perfect color matching then do not risk buying a printer ink you aren’t familiar with. If, however, you are just using your printer for personal use like papers and articles and graphs then by all means allow yourself to save some money!


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