Christian Retreats – Agents of Change

“There ain’t a soul in this world who ain’t got a burden to carry that he don’t understand.” This is a quote taken from the movie, Bagger Vance. The character, an uneducated but wise old caddy, knows that everyone has problems. Some folks’ problems are bigger than others. This is why Christian retreats are so important. Retreats are the places that Christians go to find answers and peace.

Everyday life becomes a rat race. To some it is busy and hectic. To others, daily life is drudgery. For many, life seems random and meaningless. Christian retreats offer a time and a place to escape the rat race, to unplug from the chaos of the world. Not only that, but if offers something else in its place. Christian retreats offer hope, healing, and vision. Other types of get-aways can be fun and relaxing, but a Christ-centered retreat that is focused, has meaningful purpose, and is well led, can be far richer than simply having fun.

Upon exit interviews and response cards, retreat planners have found that some of the most meaningful changes have occurred at Christ-centered retreats. People make huge, life-changing decisions at retreats. They come away with a clear vision and purpose for their life. Hundreds of men and women report that Christian Retreat Alabama it was at Christian retreats that they chose to take a different path on their journey of life and faith.

Some Christian retreats are so effective because it is there that the attendees finally deal with deep emotional issues. Many times professional counselors and clergy are present to help men and women work through painful memories and bondage to addiction. Some of the most significant healing happens at Christ-centered retreats. Often, these Christians return home and find a counselor to meet with regularly, to continue the healing process. But it all started at a retreat that focuses on Christ. These places of refuge are the lifeline to many people who would have otherwise felt hopeless.

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