Comparing Cell Phone Shops

Online there are a lot of options and places to buy. Every time I search I find services that I never knew were there. For example, I explored and was impressed by their huge inventory and detailed product descriptions. Refurbished phones made up a large portion and clearly indicated the carrier network. Regular prices were good and clearance, even better. Only, the site design was reminiscent of a surplus warehouse, it seemed to say ‘come on in, we just got a new shipment from China- better move fast these deals won’t last! Flashing colored lights conveyed serious sincerity for such limited opportunities. I love those sites, feeling elated for some how beating the system. If you have a similar love for great bargains, check it out.

A site for which the moniker cell phone shop really fits sells both products and service. is setup more like a typical T-mobile or a similar carrier store; professional and polished. sell my mobile home fast It gives you a feeling of importance like they’re there to serve you. The page layout is like an understated hotel lobby: a comfortable atmosphere with soft colors set you at ease, and a concierge will handle any unpleasant details. Buying a cell phone with a plan is wrought with undesirable tasks. Plan descriptions are long and confusing with a lot of the fine print terms of service. This site has all the information on different carriers, phones, plans and extras right there.

They work the system using any current promotions that you are qualified for and add them together to give you the best deal. It’s organized to allow easy comparison of options, navigation and search. The best part is the step by step process of elimination as you check out. You supply minimal information about your current provider and they do the credit check, work out rebates and even transfer your number. Everything in your cart is itemized including the discounts used and details about whether you have things to do on your end. Nothing is more irritating than being sold with a rebate and being promised that the company would take care of it and find out later they didn’t. This website doesn’t even charge you for the rebate. The only charge is for the first month of service. So if you don’t want to be hassled by tedious details this service is worth using.

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