Consider Your Options and Where You Want to Go Before You Send Money to Ukraine

If you are lucky enough to get to check out Ukraine on vacation, you are probably spending lots of time planning so that you can enjoy the country the minute you arrive. One way to make sure that this is possible is to plan ahead when it comes to money, as you cannot get by without this important item. You may choose to bring mostly cash to exchange once you get there, which does not require a lot of planning, or you can send money to Ukraine on a prepaid debit card so that you can start spending when you land. Take into account your preferences and where you want to go in this country before you decide.

Before you go, you should know that the currency in this country is the hryvnia, and that you should bring crisp U.S. dollars to exchange. Otherwise, you run the risk of your bills not being accepted for exchange due to excessive folds and tears, and few if any retailers here Business in Ukraine accept U.S. dollars. The hotel you are staying at may provide money transfer services, but if not, you can head to the bank for this. Note that traveler’s checks are not widely accepted here so it is not advised that you bring them as your main source of money.

Some people like to ensure that they have money that they can spend the minute they land without having to find an exchange desk. If this describes you, know that you can send money to Ukraine before you even arrive. You can do this by getting a prepaid debit card and adding funds to it from your bank account for just $5. Then when you get to Ukraine, you need only find an ATM to get hryvnia, meaning you do not need to go to an exchange desk at all. You can also use the card like a regular debit card, purchasing items or paying for your hotel room with it. However, you should note that not every business accepts cards in Ukraine. Unless you are heading to a large store, major hotel, or popular restaurant, expect to have to use cash.

One of the most common destinations in Ukraine is Kiev, which is a major city that offers shopping, restaurants, sightseeing, and much more. The architecture alone makes a trip to this city crucial. Odessa is another destination worth checking out, as it boasts plenty of museums, galleries, and beautiful beaches. If you want to see history up close, you can visit the famous Chernobyl to learn more about this nuclear tragedy. These are just a few of the common destinations in this country. Before your vacation, you should plan on where to go and how to pay for it. Consider the pros and cons of both the ability to send money to Ukraine on a card or take lots of cash with you to exchange.


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