Nothing Makes It Sweeter Than Decorating It With Candy

Candy is eye appealing due to its color, fragrance, and anticipation of what it’s going to taste like! Your decorating options are endless! Whether your prefer hard candy, chocolate candy, best gummies for stress and anxiety gummy candy, powdery candy or liquid candy….you name it it’s out there! AND, you color options are also endless… brights, pastels, black and white… Whether you want to create a uniformed theme or something more elegant in classic black and white, candy offers it all!

Now decorating with candy is inexpensive but it’s fun and creative and will give your guests an eye full as well as exceeding their sweet tooth needs!

One of my favorite ideas when decorating with candy is creating vases filled with my favorites! I can recall going to a wedding where the brides colors were the primary colors, red, blue, green, and yellow and on each table she had large vases filled with Dum Dums, jelly beans, and M&M’s which tied in the color scheme so nicely. Following the reception she actually gave the centerpieces away to her guests! Here’s how you can create a similar idea for your get togethers or formal events.

Vase Decorating

Wrap colored craft paper around four to six different sized glass vases. Tape the paper in place. Cover the glass vases completely with the paper. Place the wrapped vases around the table. Set small glass trays on top of the vases. Fill the trays with candy.

I’ve also attended children’s birthday parties where the parents provided candy favors as thank you gifts for attending the party. One of my favorite and easiest ways to make candy favors includes tulle and ribbon. Here’s how you can create a similar idea for your next get together or birthday party! Candy Favors

Add candy to tulle circles then tie up the circles with 1/16 inch wide ribbon. Tie the ribbons in bows. Set the favors on a decorative tray. Scatter wrapped candies around the table to cover it.

Remember when using candy for decorating there are no rules… follow your eye then your tooth! If it looks good to yours it will look good to others. Take note, if you don’t want your display to be eaten, always have small bowls or jars with candies that are edible.

Here’s to decorating your next event with candy… bold, beautiful, and of course sweet!


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