Pest Control of Silverfish

Silverfish have no wings and have a the appearance of a flattened, slender body. They are commonly located in houses in areas like ceilings, bathrooms and even in books , and within your cabinets.

They are fast-running nocturnal insects that aren’t fond of lighting and as such, they prefer dark, quiet areas like cupboards and roof voids.

To get rid of the silverfish that are within your home, an inspection prior to treatment is essential. A thorough inspection should include moving and opening the storage books and papers in cabinets that aren’t being used to disrupt the silverfish and find their primary source.

Additionally, you should inspect the products that you bring into your home, which could contain Silverfish as well as their eggs. silverfish extermination might be hiding in used books and old files, papers and even furniture. It is important to check these items for signs of silverfish, as this can prevent a major infestation from occurring within your home.

Chemical Treatments.

If you have a significant Silverfish issue in your home, it is important to eliminate the problem with a variety of chemical treatments that can help you get them under control.

Surface sprays. A pest control professional has access to effective and safe repellents extremely efficient in providing lasting treatments against Silverfish. Treatment is a spray applied to the skirting boards inside your house when a silverfish comes to the treated area, it will die.

Dusts. Since silverfish are frequently living and reproducing within your roof’s empty space dust formulations are the ideal method to kill them and give a lasting remaining treatment to the fish. Dusts are great for places that aren’t suitable to sprays that are wet. The dust can be sprayed in cabinets where papers, books and other files are kept. It will kill any silverfish that may have found their way into the cupboards and could be eating your papers.

Baits. Another effective treatment for controlling fish be to place insecticidal baits at locations in which silverfish are an issue. It is essential to remove the source of their food for the baits to be effective and therefore, the placement of bait is crucial to ensure that this treatment works efficiently.

Space sprays. They can be used to flush out a pest in order to draw these insects from their hiding spots. They come as aerosols with high pressure as well as fogs and mists. After being properly and safely applied, the treatments are spread out across the areas of construction where insects may be hiding, and eliminate their colonies.

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