Samsung UE65C8000

The Samsung UE65C8000 3D LED TV is one of the Korean consumer electronics maker’s newest offerings and it’s quite a television to behold. Making use of light emitting diodes (LEDs) to backlight its display, the TV is one of the slimmest on the market. It’s also a 65 inch unit that is able to project its display in 3D and even take standard 2D and convert it to 3D with the right equipment.

No one would ever say that this TV is inexpensive, at a list price of nearly 4400 British pounds. There are certain online retailers selling it for about 600 British pounds less than that, though. Regardless, the list of functions and features included with the TV would seem to justify the price. Lately, Samsung has really taken the big screen television segment by storm, it must be said. samsung au7700

This particular Samsung UE65C8000 unit comes with Freeview HD and Samsung’s Internet-at-Home features, which make it possible to access a number of UK-specific satellite channels and viewing options. The UE65C8000 is part of Samsung’s Luxia line of LED TVs, meaning that it makes use of light emitting diodes to backlight the display screen rather than older-style fluorescent tubing.

When a high definition TV can be backlit using LEDs rather than fluorescent tubes, the result is a super-slim casing, often less than 30 mm thick around the critical display screen area. In fact, Samsung is known for having the slimmest-looking televisions on the market, and this particular Samsung UE65C8000 model is no exception, sitting on an attractive stand wrapped in a handsome metallic-looking casing.

On-screen display resolution comes in at 1920 by 1080 pixels (1080p), which means that the television is a real high definition unit rather than one that’s “HD-ready.” The Samsung UE65C8000 also comes with Samsung’s proprietary Motion Plus 200 HZ motion engine, which controls the action quite capably, ensuring that even 3D imagery looks crisp and clean, with no blurring or smearing whatsoever.

Samsung doesn’t skimp on component input ports and the like, either. This Samsung UE65C8000 TV comes with 4 different HDMI inputs, each one Samsung’s v1.4 with 3D and Audio Return Channel technology. There’s also an ethernet input, two scart sockets and two USB 2.0 ports to allow for a PC-to-TV connection or just about any other electronic component making use of USB hookup.

As well, there’s nothing low-performance about this Samsung’s surround sound audio system, either. It has a high-quality digital noise filter and Dolby Digital Plus, ensuring that the sound put out by the Samsung UE65C8000 TV is first rate across the board. Of course, any television can benefit from a connection to the quality home theater system, so keep that in mind.

The Samsung UE65C8000 LED TV is one of Samsung’s newest offerings, and it’s the first of its kind from Samsung to display pictures in 3D. At nearly 4400 British pounds, including value added tax (VAT), it won’t be an inexpensive purchase, but considering that it offers more functions and features than just about any other TV out there, it’s easy to see why people will be lining up to purchase it.


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