Smart Interaction With The SMART Board Revolution

The days of chalks and blackboards are passé. Even the days of white board and a temporary marker is coming to an end. Now with the advent of technology, SMART Boards have come into play. Combined with the simplicity of whiteboard is the power of the computer. Technically, they are interactive white boards that uses touch detection such as scrolling, right mouse click etc as user input. The interactive whiteboard acts as a touch screen and the computer’s output is displayed on the whiteboard with the help of a projector. The computer can then be controlled through the board by touching it directly or with a special pen.

It is a range of interactive whiteboards developed by SMART Technologies which consists of:
• The interactive whiteboard that acts as the touch screen where users can manipulate the displays on it with their fingers or a digital pen.
• A computer that acts as the source from which all material and contents are displayed into the white screen.
• A projector that helps in projecting information from the computer to the interactive white screen.
• Smart Notebook: Software similar to MS PowerPoint which helps in preparing the presentation.

Why SMART Boards Are Preferred?

A SMART Board user can work with a large amount of information in very less time compared to the usual PowerPoint presentation or with a whiteboard and markers. It reduces 廣播系統 the need for note-taking as displays on the board can be saved or printed. Following are some of the plus points of using it:
• Interactive: As Smart Boards can project materials and displays that can be manipulated, the lessons are interactive. This facilitates participation which in turn leads a lesson or work into a team effort.
• Lucid: Lessons or presentations done on Smart Boards are retained very easily and hard to forget as they are descriptive and dynamic.
• Creative: Encourages more varied and creative use of teaching materials without boundaries.

Uses of SMART Board

• Educational purposes: With the help of this teaching aid, teachers can save their daily class lessons which the students can use for future reference. Moreover, the students are active and become happy participants as the lessons are animated and easily comprehensible.
• Business purposes: These interactive whiteboards can be used for making presentations and business plans without boring the staffs. It helps in keeping them engaged and focused at the task at hand. Meetings done with these whiteboards tend to be more interactive, productive and even saves time.
• Military: They are used in training facilities, briefing rooms, command and control centers. Military personnel understand tactics better with the help of this presentation aid.


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