Why Everyone Likes Ceramics and Why You Will Too

Ceramics have become famous for a lot of things, the most popular and most common of which are the cook wares and kitchen wares. We seem to have ceramics at every single house nowadays, from a ceramic tea strainer, to plates, drinking glasses, bathroom tiles, and even ceramic dog bowls. This material is well known for its capability to stand against hot temperature, even if it reaches 1,000 to 1,600 degrees in centigrade. It is very easy to clean and of course pleasing to the eyes. That is why a lot of people prefer ceramics when it comes to home displays, they don’t rust like metal and can last you a long time if taken care of properly. The floor tiles in your bathroom are proof that ceramics are indeed durable materials that definitely aren’t easy to wear out. Decades can past and your tiles can still look the same with proper cleaning. One thing I have to tell you ceramic manufacturer though, handling ceramics are not as easy as you may think. Removing ceramic tile requires a bit of skill, some knowledge, time, and probably even a whole lot of strength. Drilling ceramic tile on the other hand, requires a specific drill, knowledge on the subject, a stable hand, and some patience.

Although most of us have ceramics inside the house, these things are actually great as outdoor displays as well. There are ceramic house numbers that you can display at your door or gates, to identify your home address. Also if you have a garden, ceramic garden pixies, and a ceramic garden stool are perfect accessories that can stand any weather conditions and will add a wonderful ambiance to any location.

The use of ceramics however is not restricted to displays and kitchen wares alone. They have been used in many ways to make a lot of our modern devices more efficient in their function. For examples, more and more car manufacturers now have adapted to the use of ceramic brake pads, instead of the usual metal or asbestos. These pads are superb when it comes to noise reduction and even have a longer lifespan than those that were made with other materials. Ceramic ball bearings have also changed the world of wheels and machines. They reduce a lot of friction and our tougher than steel ball bearings, therefore making wheels run faster with increase durability. Finally, as my last example, if you have ever used a microphone or any kind of speakers, you probably don’t know that these items contain a Piezo ceramic element. This material is responsible for creating resonance on these devices.

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