Work From Home – Offer an Article Writing Service

Are you looking for work from home jobs? Consider offering an article writing service. On the Web, articles are in high demand as Web content. You could have your home new business set up within days.

Your new service will make money because it’s needed.

In a Recession, Businesses Are Looking for Cheaper Advertising

With the economic slow down all over the globe, businesses are looking to trim their advertising budgets. Since they can’t stop advertising completely, they’re looking for cheaper alternatives. Article marketing is a cost-effective solution.

Here’s how to start your article writing service.

1. Visit the Outsourcing Sites to Get Quick Jobs and Testimonials

Your first aim is to get credibility, and this means getting testimonials from people who’ve already hired you, and love the service you provide.

Here’s how to get testimonials when your business is completely new: get some article writing jobs at the outsourcing sites. You can bid low, with the understanding that clients will give you a testimonial if they’re pleased with the quality and customer service you provide.

2. Set up Your Own Web Site

Once you’ve got your testimonials, set up a small Web site. A free service is fine at the start. Post several sample articles on your new site, as well as best essay writing service reddit some information on who you are, and the article writing service you provide.

3. Offer Article Packages

Consider providing articles in packages, of ten, 20, or even 50. Businesses who are looking for content want more than one or two articles. You’ll find that initially, your new clients will choose your small packages, until they get to know you, and the quality of your articles.

4. Advertise Your Article Writing Service

Finally, you’ll need to promote your new service until you become known. How will you promote? That’s easy — write articles. As people read your articles, and realize that you’re available to write for them, you’ll get clients.


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